WNAC’s operations are structured into four business units namely; Organisation, Service Delivery, Commercial and Advocacy.


This business unit contains the corporation’s corporate functions including HR, Finance and the Office of the CEO. Through the Organisation business unit, WNAC delivers centralised services to all other parts of the organisation.

Service Delivery

This business unit delivers a core objective of WNAC, the delivery of high quality services to Aboriginal people within the West Kimberley. WNAC currently delivers three Government service contracts within the West Kimberley region, namely:

  • Kimberley Money Management Services (KMMS);
  • Community Development Program (CDP); and
  • Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS).


WNAC has undergone a change in its governance model to allow it to work more effectively within the private sector. This change has allowed for the separation of the commercial arm under an independent business unit with a separate board structure. This business unit is Frilled Enterprises Pty Ltd.

Having WNAC’s commercial arm under an independent board  provides a stable platform to encourage effective partnerships with the private sector. A key driver for Frilled Enterprises Pty Ltd is to secure long term maintenance work which offers stable long term employment. Linking various commercial ventures, like securing long term maintenance work, with WNAC’s delivery of the CDP program is expected to enhance the job seekers with meaningful employment and/or skills enhancement. Through commercial ventures and partnerships,  Frilled Enterprises Pty Ltd will be able to access specialised skill sets in the delivery of projects and expose people employed under Frilled Enterprises with alternative employment pathways.

In our view this commercial model will improve the corporations income streams, allowing WNAC to continue improving and benefiting the lives of aboriginal people in the West Kimberley.


With the finalisation of WNAC‘s Strategic Plan 2015-2020, the corporation has introduced a new advocacy business unit lead by the corporation’s CEO. This business unit ensures that Aboriginal people of the West Kimberley have a voice in relation to key issues and opportunities affecting the region.