Population – Approximately 66 people

Distance/Location from Derby – Approximately 360 km East

Approved Community Layout Plan – Yes (endorsed December 2010)

Ngallagunda and Gibb River Station developed together under the pastoral lease’s ownership by the Russ family back in the early and mid 20th Century. Aboriginal people employed to work on the station were housed in huts and smaller buildings surrounding the main homestead. Over time, their numbers increased to a point where the Aboriginal Community was able to convince the Aboriginal Lands Trust to purchase the pastoral lease on their behalf and for their benefit.

Ngallagunda’s population primarily comprises of members from the Nyandi and Tataya families, all of whom speak Ngarinyin and most of whom have a good verbal command of English. Due to ties with families from Wunambal and Bunuba and some other tribal areas, other languages are also spoken by some community members, but these are not commonly used. Members of Ngallagunda community observe cultural practices and customs and there is a general sense of unity among them, which makes Gibb River Station an attractive and welcoming place for many Ngarinyin people in the region who visit frequently.

The Community still has lasting ties with members of the Russ Family, most of whom now reside in Derby. There are a handful of Ngallagunda Elders who can recount tales of life in the stock camp and driving horses from Wyndham to Mt. House. The Community’s pastoral history is a source of pride for many of the young men who continue to show an interest in working the cattle station through current mustering programs.

The approved Community Layout Plan prepared by the Department of Planning provides a framework for the future growth and development of the community. A copy of the approved Community Layout Plan can be obtained from the Department of Planning website by clicking here.