Population – Approximately 400-500 people

Distance/Location from Derby – Approximately 115 km South

Approved Community Layout Plan – Yes (endorsed May 2008)

The Looma community is located at the base of Ngarloowinyan, a culturally significant landmark, which is the place for a well known Nyikina story about a blue tongue lizard (Ngalyak) and her children. It is not permitted to climb these special sites behind the community. A rear feature close to Looma is the Camballin Floodplain, which is one of few large floodplains of the Kimberley.

The Looma community was established in 1970 and is the third biggest living area in the Shire of Derby / West Kimberley after Derby and Fitzroy Crossing. The community has two ‘suburbs’ referred to as New Looma and Old Looma. Community members are from large, interrelated, extended families that moved from stations and reserves in the 1970’s and have a cultural bond to this area. The Community members consists of people mainly from Nyikina, Mangala and Walmajarri language groups.

Cultural customs and practices are observed and there is a strong cultural expression among members involved in Looma’s Arts & Crafts movement. The Community takes pride in its youth’s sporting abilities, holding an annual festival that invites other Aboriginal communities and groups to Looma to participate in football and basketball competitions. The festival is called Lungurra, which means ‘blue tongue lizard’ in the Nyikina language, with this being the animal symbol that represents the Looma Community. The word Looma also means blue tongue lizard in the Walmajarri language.

The approved Community Layout Plan prepared by the Department of Planning provides a framework for the future growth and development of the community. A copy of the approved Community Layout Plan can be obtained from the Department of Planning website by clicking here.