Population – Approximately 72 people

Distance/Location from Derby – Approximately 300 km East

Approved Community Layout Plan – No

The Kupungarri community area is a small parcel of land secured by the Aboriginal Lands Trust for the Kupungarri Aboriginal Corporation. The community sits within a larger parcel of approximately 700,000 acres, which is the Mt. Barnett pastoral lease. The location of the community is most often referred to as Mt. Barnett Station.

Kupungarri Community and Mt. Barnett Station developed together in the mid 20th Century. Aboriginal people employed to work on the station were housed in huts and smaller buildings adjacent to the main homestead, all of which are now abandoned and seldom used for any purpose.  Former Members of the Kupungarri Community worked on Cattle Stations in surrounding areas as well, but there a few people there today who can recount stories of this pastoral history. 

Kupungarri’s population is primarily made up of Members who recognise Ngarinyin as their aboriginal language group. The Community also has ties with Bunuba, Walmajarri and other tribal areas, but the relatively young median age of members means English is the language of choice with few  people understanding or speaking aboriginal languages. Members of the Kupungarri Community observe cultural practices and customs.