Population – Approximately 45 people

Distance/Location from Derby – Approximately 228 km East

Approved Community Layout Plan – Yes (endorsed February 2010)

The Imintji Community lies at the foot of the Precipice Range, which is a small section of the much larger King Leopold Ranges. The countryside surrounding the community is moderately populate with Bloodwood / White Gum trees with a number of small seasonal water courses to the north and east.

Imintji means “the place to sit down” in Ngarinyin language. It was an outstation that developed as a community with the involvement of Ngarinyin men in surrounding pastoral operations (Mt. House, Mt. Hart and Mt. Barnett cattle stations).  In the pre-1950’s Imintji became an important stop-over point on the Gibb River for bullock and donkey trains. The community’s role as a stopover location continues today and the Imintji Roadhouse caters to the many travellers of the Gibb River Road. The Community however, no longer has ties with any of the surrounding cattle stations.

Imintji community members abide by Ngarinyin culture first and Gidga culture second. According to members, there is regular annual adherence to cultural practises and ceremonies involving the rites of passage into manhood taking place each year in December.

The approved Community Layout Plan prepared by the Department of Planning provides a framework for the future growth and development of the community. A copy of the approved Community Layout Plan can be obtained from the Department of Planning website by clicking here.