Population – Approximately 43 people

Distance/Location from Derby – Approximately 360 km Northeast

Approved Community Layout Plan – No

The Dodnun community is situated approximately 13 km north of the Gibb River Road, along the Mount Elizabeth Station access road.

Dodun was originally established as an outstation for the Mount Elizabeth Station pastoral lease in the 1980’s. Member of the community members have worked on the Mount Elizabeth Station since it was established, and were vital the station’s operations. Dodnun is on Ngarinyin country, with the Ngarinyin culture tieing the population together. However, there are some Nyikina and Bunuba people who have married into the community.

Dodnun has strong cultural ties and ceremonies are conducted twice a year, which often involve other Gibb River Road and Ngarinyin communities such as Mowanjum and Ngallagunda. These communities all share family members and commonly practise cultural customs together. Men’s and women’s’ business is often dealt with at the same time and the ceremony is usually held on the land from which most ‘inductees’ come.