Bidan (formerly Bedunburra)

Population – Approximately 17 people

Distance/Location from Derby – Approximately 110 km Southwest

Approved Community Layout Plan – Yes (endorsed September 2011)

Bidan is uniquely located in the West Kimberley as it is approximately the midway point between the regional centres of Broome and Derby. Historically people would pass through the  area, like a crossroad, on their way to visit family for ceremony, or when travelling and hunting. Bidan is located on the edge of the Western Sand Plain and the Fitzroy Flood Plain region.

Bidan is a small community of dedicated people strong in teaching the Nyikina language and Yimardoowarra culture. The community was loosely established in 1985 on a nearby ‘old camp’ site on the lower black soils. Due to periodic inundation of the ‘old camp’ site from the Fitzroy River, the community moved to higher ground. During the 1990s more permanent buildings were constructed at the current community site.

The approved Community Layout Plan prepared by the Department of Planning provides a framework for the future growth and development of the community. A copy of the approved Community Layout Plan can be obtained from the Department of Planning website by clicking here.