About Us


Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation (WNAC) began operations more than 30 years ago in Derby, Western Australia. WNAC became a corporate entity under the Aboriginal Corporation Act on the 9th December 1983. The corporation started with just a few staff managing administering the Community Development and Employment Program (CDEP) to handful of Aboriginal communities.

WNAC then grew into one of the largest CDEP providers and Aboriginal resource agencies in the West Kimberley. When the CDEP was replaced with the Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) in 2013, the corporation was successful in becoming the RJCP facilitator in the West Kimberley covering communities within and around Derby, Gibb River Road and Looma. On 1 July 2015, the CDP program replaced RJCP.

In addition to Derby, WNAC  currently provides a range of community services to approximately 15 communities in the West Kimberley. The organisation is estimated to service a population of approximately 4,400 people, including Derby, from a range of age groups and backgrounds. The support WNAC provides to remote communities differs from community to community but includes enterprise and business development, employment and training, health and wellbeing, and governance and administration.


  • Provide accounting/bookkeeping and other community services for its members;
  • Support the social development of its members;
  • Help to bring about the self support of its members by the development of economic projects and industries;
  • Support education, job training, health services, work and housing for its members;
  • Help and encourage its members to manage their affairs upon their own lands;
  • Help and encourage its members to keep and renew their traditional culture;
  • Help build trust and friendship between its members and other people;
  • Participate with other Aboriginal Corporations in projects for their mutual benefit; and,
  • Receive and spend grants of money from the Commonwealth and State Government and/or from other sources to benefit and build our community.