Susan Murphy

Susan joined the WNAC team in October 2013 as the Chief Executive Officer. Susan comes to WNAC with extensive professional experience working across 3 regions and 27 remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. Susan worked her way up to key positions in a number of government organisations, including the Department of Housing where she finished as the Assistant Regional Manager (Pilbara). In addition Susan has extensive experience working within Aboriginal health, child care and justice. She has risen to the position of director and state manager for a number of organisations including; Pilbara Meta Maya, Department of the Attorney General and the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

Susan was born and raised in Derby before relocating to Port Hedland in 1988 for her children to complete high school. She then left for Perth in 2009 before returning to the northwest to take up her current role as CEO of WNAC. Susan is a passionate Aboriginal woman driven to improve the wellbeing, economic growth and participation of Aboriginal people in modern Australia. Her passion and commitment to the betterment of Aboriginal people has seen her appointed as board member and chairperson on a number of boards.

Since commencing at WNAC Susan has begun developing a number of internal policies and procedures to improve the capacity and accountability of the corporation. Under Susan’s leadership, the organisation has taken a proactive approach to become a stronger, more independent corporation in to the future.

Susan is a very social person and when pulled away from her role at WNAC, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Apart from juggling social commitments, Susan find relaxation in reading a  good book or watching a good movie.