Leanna Donation

Leanna lives in the Kupungarri Community with her partner James and has 7 children and 2 grandchildren, whom she adores. Leanna has lived in Derby, Dodnun and Mt Barnett. Leanna has held a variety of jobs and positions of responsibility in her life, including: • An AELO (Aboriginal Engagement Liaison Officer) at the Mt Barnett Roadhouse School; • DAHS Help Driver transporting patients into town; • School Bus Driver transporting children between Dodnun and Mt Barnett; • Director Kupungarri, and; • Director WNAC Leanna’s vision for WNAC is that it: o Is a corporation supportive of aboriginal people and their needs, particularly of those in remote communities where there is a lack of infrastructure and things to do; o Supports youth to get a job which will set them up to have successful careers; o Provides the appropriate resources and equipment for successful CDP activities; o Communicates with the communities and lets them know what’s being done; o Uses its commercial enterprises to provide aboriginals youth with opportunities for holiday work, traineeships and personal development. Leanna wants the Corporation to make a real difference for the youth in the communities it serves.