Johanna Kitching

    Program Manager - Remote Schools Attendance Strategy
    08 9193 1834 or 0497 789 612

Johanna is the longest servicing manager currently employed at WNAC, having joined the corporation in August 2006. Johanna is a WNAC success story; starting as a CDEP participant she is now a senior manager in the corporation. Johanna started as a receptionist and then moved into the positions of Community Development Officer and Money Management Officer. Johanna was then appointed to the position of Program Manager for WNAC's Kimberley Money Management Services, where she successfully completed a number of certifications and qualifications in business, management, training and finance. In January 2017 Johanna was appointed to the position of Program Manager - Remote Schools Attendance Strategy (RSAS). Johanna is a role model for Aboriginal people within the Kimberley and more specifically within the Derby community. Johanna worked hard to ensure that the Kimberley Money Management Team were well resourced and managed and delivered a friendly and professional service to the KMMS clients. Johanna is very passionate about ensuring aboriginal people both manage and improve their financial situation.   In her new role as the Program Manager of the Remote School Attendance Program – RSAS - Johanna and the team's main focus is increasing and maintaining school attendance.   My Team and I will be working hard towards our RSAS program objectives:
  • Supporting and working with parents, guardians carers, community members and students to help get children to school every day
  • To work cooperatively with families, community members and the school to put in place strategies to support school attendance; ensuring children go to school
  • RSAS aims to make school attendance the norm, and in doing so, contribute to exceeding the target attendance for all students
  • Increasing Indigenous school attendance and improving the educational outcomes
  • Planning and Delivering School holidays programs
  • Celebrating and rewarding improved students attendance
I believe that education is the key to life. Education is very important and it’s one of the best things a parent/guardian can do is support and encourage their kids and as well as others to attend school every day to get a good education. Our kids will be our future leaders so it’s important that they get a good start in life by sending them to school. I look forwarding to working with my fellow team members and being a part of a very important program who are making a difference by encouraging how important it is to attend school.   Johanna is very family orientated, coming from a large family. Born in Darwin in the Northern Territory, Johanna grew up in Derby and fondly considers Derby her home. Her mother’s tribe is  Bardi Jawi from the Dampier Peninsula within the Kimberley region. Her father’s tribe is Gurindji from Kalkarindji, Northern Territory region. loves spending her private time with family and friends outdoors whether in town, in her garden, out travelling both the Kimberley and Australia, playing sports or just being down the beach or river. She is a keen hunter and fisherwoman, who has a wealth of knowledge about hidden camping spots both along the coast and inland Kimberley.