Jeannie Dutchie

Jeannie lives at Dodnun with her partner Jeffrey, has 4-adult children: Robyn, Pamela, Velma and Chantelle, and 14-grandchildren. Jeannie’s work experience includes being the bookkeeper at Mowanjum, working with Maxine Clarke. Jeannie’s relationship with WNAC goes back over 20-years. Jeannie’s motivation for being a board member is to be able to give feedback to the community about the services they can access. Jeannie believes it is important to be across what’s happening on the ground. Jeannie is passionate about young people and helping them to get access to training and development. Jeannie wants to see the young people in the communities learn the skills they require to set themselves up, so that they and their children will have positive futures.