Audriana (Ina) Shadforth

Hello Everyone, my name is Audriana (Ina) Shadforth, I am a local elder in the Derby community, I have a big family and have always tried to raise my children the best way a mother could possibly raise her children. I was raised in Bungarun, most of my schooling was done on the veranda of the hospital out of Bungarun, thank you to St John of God Sisters for giving me the courage to come home and be who I am, also to the old people for passing on their knowledge which I pass on to my children. I grew up both sides, salt water people and fresh water people, learning about country and culture, listening to dreamtime stories from old people and family, being out on country and around the camp fires, they were my teachers. My passion has always been supportive of young people, supporting them in showing loyalty, leadership, honesty, commitment and to be the driving force in the community with the cultural skills and knowledge of our old people, we can make a better future. Most of my children work for Aboriginal Organisations within Derby, who all work hard to make a difference in the community. I have been a Director of Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation for over 25 years, also a Director of Derby Aboriginal Health Service and Kimberly Aboriginal Medical Services for many years. I have always had a passion for country, my Aboriginal culture and health, it is the reason I'm still apart of these organisations. Always be proud of who you are and where you come from, you can achieve the things you aim to do in life.