Ambrose Phillips

Ambrose is the Deputy Chairperson of the WNAC Board and has been a member for around 3-years. Ambrose and his partner, Cathy Goonack (also a board member) have 7-children and 2-foster children between them. Ambrose is originally from Gibb River but is currently living at Mt Barnett. He ran a tourist business at Kandiwal, acting as a tour guide. Ambrose has now passed this opportunity onto others so they can develop important skills and experiences by being involved in the business. Ambrose likes being on the board because it enables him to be close to what’s going on. He is very proud of the businesses WNAC owns e.g. the Derby Post Office and Kettle Café. Ambrose believes these businesses will provide great employment opportunities to young Indigenous people, as well as providing WNAC with a good source of income to support its members.